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Make A Statement With Beautiful Jewelry

People have always used jewelry as a form of self-expression. It gives them confidence, reflects their personalities and is very much a part of their lives. Conveying personality through jewelry requires having a style. Most people state themselves through jewelry by choosing fashionable pieces and making them personal.

Pieces from Q Designs are the perfect accessories to your look. Whether you’re at work, going out with friends, attending a casual event or headed to an elegant party, jewelry from Q Designs will complete your outfit. Q Designs features a unique blend of sterling silver, Bali beads and Swarovski crystals.

Q Design’s owner and designer, Joseline Jones, uses world-renown Swarovski crystals because they are precision-cut, beautiful, high-quality lead-glass crystals made from quartz, sand and minerals. Meanwhile, she uses Bali beads because they are musts for people who love silver. Their ornate center braids add high-impact and complexity, and they enhance any kind of jewelry of which they’re apart.

For better or worse, people have and always will judge you by your appearance, and first impressions matter more than we realize. We make conscious and unconscious decisions within 10 seconds of meeting people, and the same thing happens to you! To put it bluntly, you’ve already been sized up and profiled. It’s not fair or open-minded. Nonetheless, it’s why many women always strive to look their best. Being “nicely put together” not only makes you look good, but it also has a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence. So, it’s safe to say fashion plays an important psychological role in our lives.

Joseline has been handcrafting jewelry from quality materials since 2005. Her goal is to offer premium, hand-crafted, minimalist accessories without breaking your bank! Feel free to contact Q Designs at And follow the company on Facebook and Instagram (qdesignonline)!




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